Thumb wrestling

A number of players play using their hand as players or controllers. Once the bell rings, players can now release their hands and begin wrestling with their thumbs. There are many rules considering on different matches but the default rules are these:

  • No Thumb hiding inside the hand.
  • No High Jumps to squash thumbs.
  • No fast tackles.
  • No using of ring, pens, notepads, pencil cases, erasers, books and notebooks, etc.
  • No help from other hand. Only one hand for each player per match.
  • No hitting the referee.

A default match may be able to win via Pinfall(Pushing the thumb down for 3 seconds) or Submission(Causing pain to the opponent's hand to make it give up). You can get a automatic win when:

  • The opponent disobeyed the rules.
  • You are hit by a outsider wrestler.

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